Financial management consultancy

The financial management is the total of all the principles, methods, techniques and tips that can help any person who want to increase his personal wealth through a business, to achieve this goal. Being such a large field, it forces you to constantly learn, study, get informed in order to be in a favorable position.

What we can do for you:

  • Drawing up a business plan
  • Calculate return on investment (ROI)
  • Customer rating analysis. Managing the risk related to the credit granted to clients
  • Analysis and improvement of financing processes. Financial risk management
  • Improving cash flows and working capital
  • Consulting for financing and investments

With us you can find answers to many questions related to the problems encountered in the management of your business:

  • What is the financial picture of your business – how related parties sees you.
  • Can you finance by your own the future investments?
  • What steps do you need to follow in budgeting?
  • How to generate positive cash flow with your business.
  • How to proceed if you are in liquidity crisis.
  • Debt threshold – how much can you afford to borrow.
  • Methods of financing.
  • How the company liquidity can be optimized – working capital improvement
  • Reduction of stocks levels – generator of liquidity
  • How the banks evaluate the economic-financial performance of your business
  • Payment instruments
  • Which are the payment terms you can afford to give to your customers
  • How to protect yourself against the risk customer credit
  • How to optimize the business processes in order to generate more value added.
  • How to build a strategic planning and define future objectives
  • How to set up the right performance indicators for your business and how to follow them up periodically to see if you are on the right track towards the objectives set by the strategic planning.

What your benefits would be:

  • Improved financial knowledge
  • Faster and smarter business decisions
  • Improved internal processes
  • Improved cash flows
  • Efficiency of financial-accounting operations


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