Business Process optimization and automation (BPA)

The idea of ​​optimizing business processes is simple, taking the old business processes and optimizing them for efficiency. However, the means by which you can do this can vary greatly. Of course, this depends on the process in question – there is no single solution.

Business process optimization is one of the last steps for Business Process Management (BPM), a methodology that advocates for constant re-assessment and improvement of the process.

Once you have identified inefficient, wasteful or non-functioning processes, all you have to do is improve them for efficiency. This can be achieved by restructuring the process (changing steps or commands), eliminating unnecessary processes (or steps) or performing a bit of both.


No one likes manual labor. Sometimes it really makes you feel like a wheel in the car, doing something that a robot could actually do. There are, however, instances where the exact situation is – what you do IS something a robot can do and all you have to do is find the right tool or software.

Business process automation (BPA) can help eliminate any inefficient and repetitive work from employees’ workloads, which leads to high productivity (employees work harder at what matters) and to a positive morale (nobody likes dirty or non-value work).

What we can do for you:

  • Automation of processes in the financial-accounting department: receipts and payments, invoice registration, invoice approval, flow of purchase requests, financial reporting
  • BI solutions reporting, budgeting, simulation forecasts
  • Document management
  • Description of processes, Procedures, working instructions, forms, process map, information flow etc.


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