About us

We founded this company as a result of the desire to perform in a very broad and interesting field, namely finance. The passion for figures, analysis, reporting and budgeting was the engine that gave birth to this concept.

Financial management means much more than calculations and figures, namely the ability to interpret and use financial information in business management in order to obtain maximum profit from the business and obviously, more money.

The experience of 12 years in the financial management of a corporation recommends us by understanding all the processes that take place at the level of a company, processes that all reflect the final results in the financials or finances of the company.

In addition to providing consulting in the economic-financial field, our company aims to raise awareness among the Romanian business environment of the importance of financial management for the success of a business. Don’t let the chance or external circumstances decide if your business succeeds or not! Get informed, plan and execute the budget as you proposed and periodically follow where you are in relation to your goal!

To whom we address:

  • Small and medium-sized companies that want to improve their performance and obtain a positive cash flow
  • The big companies that want to improve the financial-accounting processes, to find solutions for their automation, to implement processes, new programs, to outsource some of the financial-accounting services
  • Entrepreneurs who want to invest and need a good strategic planning
  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their knowledge in financial management or want to better manage the risks related to the company’s finances

“The key to success is not money, but the knowledge you have and that you use in managing your business.”, Robert T. Kyiosaki

We propose strategic partnerships with different financial and IT collaborators to help us offer our clients a complete experience, specific to their needs, no matter what challenges they face.


  • Economic and financial diagnosis of the company – an overview on the financial picture – FREE for new clients. See how others see you!


Phone: (+4) 0751 216 881

Address: Satu-Mare​, Romania

E-mail: office@betterfinances.ro

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